Cisco UCS Viewer

UCS Viewer Instructions

UCS Viewer is a tool that allows you to create Rack Layout images of actual UCS implementations. It does this by querying UCS Manager, after which it knows all about the FI's, what is in the chassis's and what rackmount servers are hooked up to the system.

Long time ago I created UCS Display, a predecessor of this tool that also extracted UCS configuration data from UCS Manager. The problem with that setup was that the web-based tool could only access FI's when the two could see each other over the (public) network. But typically the management interface of UCS systems will be screened-off behind firewalls.

UCS Viewer takes a slightly different approach. First download this Perl based script to your laptop. Then connect the laptop to the management network of the FI's and run the script to download the UCS configuration. In the case of critical systems it is a good idea to create a user with just read-only rights. After running the utility check the XML code in the generated output file.

Then reconnect your laptop to the network you are using now. And click the "Continue" button. The next screen, similar to the import screen in the other tools, allows you to copy/paste the XML code from the Perl script into the input field on the page. Below that you'll find the usual options to adjust how the image is generated. Then click the "Layout" button and a little later you should get your image.

There is much more detailed information at the top of the Perl script.