Cisco UCS Render

import XML code for UCS Racks

Here some guidelines on how to use this Data-Center rendering tool.

In the regular UCS-Layout tool, switch to Manual mode and create a configuration with the various rack layouts you want to use here. Alternatively you can use POD-Layout to configure a Converged Infrastructure or HCI-Layout for a HyperFlex cluster. When just trying things out, you can also download this XML file.

Within any of these tools click Export and copy-paste the XML into the window below. Then click the Continue button for going to the Design page (with a complex config this will take some time) to configure the number of rows and racks, selecting from the rack layouts you imported. Create spaces for cross-ailes by setting the config to zero and the quantity to one or more.

In the case of selecting the hot/cold aisles option – especially when adding curtains – you should use an even number of rows. It makes most sense to have in all rows the same total number of racks and/or spaces.

Finally click Preview to check your grid of racks and then Render to create a 3D view of your Data-Center.